The Happily Ever After


Hi world, I would love to share some thoughts with you this week, and I would really for you to share yours with me too, if you’d like! I know that last weeks terror attack here in Stockholm has filled up... Continue Reading →


An Affair to Remember

Hi world, It’s me again! Haha… Shock, right?  Today I am finally going to share with you, the honest tale of how my forever really began. If you are confused by the tittle, don't worry! It will all make sense in... Continue Reading →

All Cards on the Table

Hi world, You know what? It is now one year ago since I moved to Sweden, and I can barely believe it. It’s crazy how fast time flies… One year ago, my happily ever after began. How amazing is that?... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of the Day…

Hi world, Today I have something on my mind that I need to get out before I write the next chapter of my story… First, I would really love to thank you guys that's following and reading my story. It... Continue Reading →

Sparks Flying

Hi world, We are finally getting somewhere with the story of how I eventually got my happily ever after, and it feels really good! I do apologize for the wait this week though, I have been crazy busy, but I... Continue Reading →

Making Mistakes

Hi world, The next part of the story is here, and yeah, it’s not exactly a part of my story that I’m particularly proud of, but none the less, it’s just how it all went down. I don’t have a... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Inevitable

Hi world, It’s time to continue chapter 6, as I promised. Unfortunately, today’s part of my story isn’t exactly resembling the clear blue sky and the sunbeams streaming through my window. Actually, it’s fairly hard for me to think back... Continue Reading →

Divided Feelings

Hi world, Wow, this new chapter took a lot longer to write than I expected it to, but I’m finally ready to share it with you guys! Here it is: CHAPTER 6 As I mentioned in my previous chapter, It’s... Continue Reading →

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Hi world! It’s finally time for the next part of my story. Honestly, it was a very dark and difficult time, without a lot of hope and love. I made the wrong choices over and over. However, the funny thing... Continue Reading →

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