The Happily Ever After

… a real life fairytale



Choices & Sacrifices

Hi world, FINALLY I have time to sit down and write the next chapter of the story of how I got to where I am today: THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. It’s been 2 months since I posted the previous chapter,... Continue Reading →


Hi world, It's me again. Finally. I would like to say that there is a good reason for my absence, but there really isn't. Sure, there has been a lot of changes in my life lately, but it shouldn't have... Continue Reading →

A Date & Cherry Blossoms

Hi world, I know that it is highly over-due to continue my story, and I will! Honestly, I feel so behind with the blog, but there has just been a lot of things happening lately, and I want to tell... Continue Reading →

An Affair to Remember

Hi world, It’s me again! Haha… Shock, right?  Today I am finally going to share with you, the honest tale of how my forever really began. If you are confused by the tittle, don't worry... It will all make sense in... Continue Reading →

All Cards on the Table

Hi world You know what? It is now one year ago since I moved to Sweden, and I can barely believe it. It’s crazy how fast time flies… One year ago, my happily ever after began. How amazing is that?... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of the Day…

Hi world Today I have something on my mind that I need to get out before I write the next chapter of my story… First, I would really love to thank you guys that's following and reading my story. It... Continue Reading →

Kissing Frogs

After all the drama last week, I’m finally back on track with the blog and it feels great! There is still so much to deal with though... I'm still really sad and I'm nervous for the future, but at this... Continue Reading →

Divorce is no Tragedy

Hello world… So this post you might call a spin-off from The tale of an Army Wife post last week, because it really got my thinking about my divorce, and well... divorces in general.  The basic truth is that so many... Continue Reading →

The Tale of an Army Wife

Hi world... Maybe you have noticed that I have had a short break from the blog. It wasn't because I needed it, I’ve just been crazy busy with my life out in the real world! Haha! Now I finally have... Continue Reading →

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