The Happily Ever After



That’s What They Tell Me

Hi world, Today I'm gonna share something I wrote when my depression basically peaked. It was on a very bad day and I was drowning in so many feelings so I just felt like I needed to get all of... Continue Reading →


Fly Baby, Fly…

“Breathe… Just breathe… You can do this. You’re used to this. Nothing’s really new, only the situation and circumstances are different. You know this and you’ve survived for so long knowing that. You can survive this too. Just… Breathe” I... Continue Reading →

Kick Me When I’m Down…

Hi world, As you might have realised if you've been a follower on the blog for a while, my life has always been a whirlwind of ups and downs. That has not changed - unfortunately.The truth is that because of... Continue Reading →

A Not So Happy New Year

Hi world,First of all, I do hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year. I know that it’s really late to say that now, but to be honest, I started writing this 3 months ago... Continue Reading →

The Wedding

Hi world,  You might have noticed that the blog has gotten a makeover. It felt like it was time, and even though it's not nearly what I wanted it to be, I really like the change. So, today is my... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Hi world,  Since I last sat my ass down and took my time to do this, a lot has happened, and that is the sole reason for my absence. It’s about time to give you guys a little update about... Continue Reading →

Finally, I Do!

Hi world, Finally, I can make one of the most extarordinary announcements of my whole life! It’s been so hard to keep everything a secret for this long! (Well, all our family and most of our friends already knows, so... Continue Reading →

What’s New?

Hi world, In hindsight of my latest post, I feel the need to share some of the more positive things that has happened since May. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been some hectic months, with a lot of changes, but... Continue Reading →

Back On Track

Finally, I'm back on the blog with an honest post about what what I have been dealing with the last couple of months... Give it a read, and let me know what you think! Nothing but love, Maria

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