My name is Maria. My birth certificate says I’m almost 31, and I’m okay with that! I’m Danish, but I’m currently located in Stockholm, Sweden. I live here, in a two bedroom apartment with the love of my life, his two sons, our two dogs and two cats.

This blog “The Happily Ever After” is, like the title indicates, about life AFTER the happily ever after. I mean… Haven’t you ever wondered what really happened to your favorite characters after you finished reading the book? Were they still happy? Did they have any regrets? Was Prince Charming really that perfect?

Here, I will openly and honestly share my story from before and after “The happily ever after”. I will talk about topics like long distance relationships, divorces, yeah, basically just anything that pops up in my mind, related to my current situation of course. Some things will be cheesy and corny, I might as well warn you all right now. I just can’t help it, I am a hopeless romantic and I am very much in love…

However, life can’t always be a constant fairytale, and it’s about time we stop expecting it to be.

So this is me and my not always so happily ever after…

Thank you for wanting to share it with me by reading and following my blog – it really means the world to me!

Nothing but love,