Hi world!

After I posted my last blog X’s & ?’s, which is a post about my current relationship with my ex, I received a bit of a shit storm in a comment here on the blog. I deleted this comment because it is irrelevant since it was in Danish. However, I would like to address some of the content, just in case that anyone else should be thinking the same.

First of all – I stand by EVERYTHING I wrote in this post. It is my feelings, it’s made of facts and it is my truth.

So, this comment was from Maria and let’s just pretend that we all truly believe that this is her real name! Haha! Let me highlight some of the best parts for you…

”Have some self-respect and keep your private life to yourself”
First of all, I think you have misunderstood my site with yours! Hey, that can happen to even the best of us, honey! However, since it is my site, that means that I will post whatever I want to post. Secondly, what has that ever had to do it with my self-respect? I have plenty of that… in fact, I actually have so much self-respect that I have nothing to hide. I’m choosing to share my story completely, without a filter… good and bad. That’s my choice, and if you don’t like it – don’t read it! Simple as that…

”Stop making him seem like a horrible person”
I’m not making him seem like anything. This is my experience, my feelings. I’m telling the truth, I’m stating the facts… Whatever you conclude from that, is your opinion. Just saying.

”You should have demanded for him to buy you out when you moved”
That is 100 % true. I should have known that I couldn’t trust him. I chose to trust him when he said ”I really want to keep the house” and I chose to help him so that was possible for him, because without my help, he couldn’t keep the house. That was clearly my mistake and I never said anything else.

”To involve his new pregnant girlfriend is really low. What if anyone said something like that about you?”
First of all… I would never give anyone a reason to say something like that about me, because I don’t let my man or myself make brain-dead decisions! It’s that simple! My honest opinion is: You must be pretty stupid if you don’t talk him out of it. I mean – you have two choices: Be smart/don’t let him do it or be stupid/let him. The choice is yours. I’m not putting her in any category – SHE DID THAT.

”She is giving him life, that’s more than what you did during the 9 years you were with him”
Honestly… It took me 2 days to stop laughing at this. SHE IS GIVING HIM LIFE! Well, Oh my God, we are witnessing a freaking miracle here! Haha! Everybody: Call the newspapers because this is the news of the century!
Joking aside… She is giving him a child, yes. I never gave him a child, no. That’s because I don’t go around and have children with every guy I’m with. I didn’t want to have a child with a soldier. I would want to have both parents around for the child’s sake. That’s just how I want to raise a child. But we are all different that way. Also, I’m one of those women that can’t get children the “natural” way, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t – at least not without a serious amount of effort… An effort that requires two people, and since I was pretty alone in everything in my marriage, I chose not to, which is the best decision I’ve ever made! For the last part: You clearly don’t know what you are talking about – I might not have given him “LIFE” (I’m still laughing!) but I gave him mine, and that’s more than he ever deserved.

”Happy people don’t have the need to brag about how happy they are. If they brag – their life might not be so picture perfect on the outside”
Sweetie… I think you meant on the INSIDE, but that’s okay, because I understand what you meant! Don’t worry girl, I got you! However, I am a little bit confused about this part, because I thought I was doing the exact opposite… I thought I had made it clear that my life isn’t perfect, even though I found the love of my life. I have never tried making my life seem like something it’s not. Yes, I have the best man on this planet, and yes, he chose me… (Okay, so maybe I’m bragging about this a little bit… Haha!) but this is my happy ending, and unfortunately that doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems… Problems like an ex-husband fucking things up or bitter people commenting shit on my blog. It’s all issues that is a part of my life, and I chose to share it here. I’m happy in my relationship, yes, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t be sad because of something else. It’s feelings. Feelings are okay, as long as you deal with them, and blogging is my way to do so. I’m so glad we got that settled!

”Take some responsibility instead of *udspritte your horrible life here”
*I’m sorry for the direct translation, but I didn’t have a choice here. I’m Danish  and this word isn’t. Actually it’s not even a word, so I couldn’t translate that. However, I do think that she meant to write ”Udfritte” which means ”question closely”, which is also very wrong in this sentence, but don’t worry… I can tell you what she actually should have written: ”udstille” which means to put on display. Now that we have that cleared out so everyone can understand, I can answer the original comment:
I don’t have a horrible life. I used to, but I don’t any longer. I am taking responsibility by trying my hardest to make other people see that they don’t have to stay in an unhappy marriage. This blog is my way of fighting for other people who might be is in the same situation as I was. I want people to believe that better things are out there, and the only way for me to do that is to share my story. So that’s what I’m doing! Also, I’m sharing my story because it’s worth sharing, not because I like to brag. I love to blog so it’s the perfect combination. Besides, I don’t have anything to hide. This is my choice and I’m choosing to do this for me! Again, if you don’t like it: DON’T READ IT. 

That’s basically what was in that comment. Like I said, a lot of shit… And by all means – that’s her opinion, good for her.

The funny thing was actually that 5 minutes after this comment arrived on my blog, I received a PM on Facebook from “the girlfriend”. (I’ll just pretend like I don’t see the coincidence here…)

She asked me: ”Why do you have the need to talk about me like that, you don’t know me!”

I didn’t respond. Why would I? I mean, she is clearly following my blog anyway! Haha! So after all, I thought I would just give her the chance to read my answer here, along with the rest of you! Here it is:
Sweetie, I have absolutely NO need to write anything about you. I don’t care about you. I am simply stating the facts here, and the fact is that I believe that you must be stupid for letting the man who you seemingly love (and you are giving LIFE), ruin his future. I don’t have to know you personally to know how stupid that is. Maybe you aren’t a stupid person, but you sure make brain-dead decisions. There. I hope that was the answer you were looking for, because that is the one you are going to get.

So this is the last I will comment on that. I don’t owe anybody an explanation, but I chose to do it this once, because I don’t have anything to hide. However, I’m simply not interested in feeding into this negativity any longer.

Now I will go back to my HAPPY life. I will hug and kiss my boyfriend and my stepson’s and just feel how blessed I truly am in my life now.

Have a happy saturday everyone!

Nothing but love,

Sarcasm and/or irony can occur in this post and also: